Love it or hate it, HIPAA is here to stay. The intent of HIPAA was genuine, to protect sensitive patient information. The implementation, however, is a whole different story. The regulatory hurdles and the expenses involved in conforming to HIPAA can be overwhelming. Most doctors don't know what is required by them under HIPAA when it comes to the security of computers, servers and software and unfortunately, the average IT companies don't know either.

At Black Bear MSSP, we have been working with HIPAA since its inception. We have learned the law as it has evolved and we continue to stay abreast of changes in the law and advances within the field of IT as they pertain to HIPAA. We have also forged excellent relationships with reputable experts within the industry, from HIPAA attorneys to HIPAA consulting experts. As an IT company, we can guide you exclusively down a path of HIPAA compliance and ensure that you continue to remain HIPAA compliant AND secure despite changes in the law, emerging threats and advances in hardware and software.

HIPAA will never go away. But you don't have to fear it. Choose an IT company that knows the law and that can relieve you of the burdens that HIPAA places upon you from a technology and security perspective so that you can focus on supplying the best medical care possible to your patients. Choose Black Bear MSSP, a leader in the HIPAA and IT fields respectively.

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